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This music box is extreme unique and rare in the world for its extraordinary features. A must for collectors and fans of Bishjo Senshi Sailor Moon. Graceful and elegant, It 'was made an admirable and further improvement of the projected image on the small round screen located inside the music box, embellished with a delicate necklace in silver color, certificate of authenticity that attesting its handicraft production. Extended duration of the music theme to 8 minutes New gold color. Music theme: Moonlight Densetsu. Time song: 8 minutes. Main material: Polyethersulfone • Resin. Type of music box: Digital Rechargeable with USB key (it is advisable to load often the music box). The carillon star format: 5.5 cm x 2.16 inch. The packed box size: 12 cm approximately x 4.72 inch.


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Used, no box. Item that has been used a lot. Bandai brand, Made in China 2000 or 2002. Moon Stick released for 10th Anniversary of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.The item has obvious scratches on the half-moon and on the golden base of the stick. It works very well: perfectly it emits lights and sounds.Packing and shipment takes is done after three working days after receipt of payment.The item is sent by International Registered Mail, via Poste Italiane.Package secured and regularly traceable.Sending from Tuscany, Italy to Worldwide.


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New, in relative box. Custom, elegant chinese reproduction of the pocket watch of Mamoru Chiba as it appears in the manga by Naoko Takeuchi and in the new anime serie Sailor Moon Crystal season 1. Shiny pendant, gold color. • Materials: Metal and glass. • Necklace length: 70 cm • Height: 6.2 cm • Weigjt: 200 g • Width: 4.1 cm thickness 1 cm • Color: Gold• Theme / Characters: Princess Serenity & Prince Endymion Starry Sky.Shipping method: China Post Registered Air Mail. Package weight: 0.150 Kg (0.33lb.).Parcel size: 20 cm x 20 cm x 25 cm (7.87in x 7.87in x 9.84in).



New, unused and unopened.Moon Stick ~ Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Exhibition Roppongi Hills. Limited Edition.Item Specifics: This wand does not sound nor emits light. It is a seciale goods offered for sale at the Exhibition of Roppongi Hills, in Tokyo, for the 20th Anniversary of Sailor Moon.



New, in relative open box to check the status and operation of the article. There is a defect in the box. Functioning. Tt is shipped without batteries to avoid problems with Customs services.Robot voice recorder reprint officilally inspired to the anime and the manga Marmalade Boy by Wataru Yoshizumi, on occasion of Campaign Ribon 60th Anniversary.It allows you to record three times up to 10 seconds. In operation, the robot emits red light from its eyes.Material: PVC • ABS • Diecast.Battery: Four × LR44.Height: 9.2 cmColor: Blue.Brand: Premium Bandai.Country of creation and export: Tokyo, Japan.Event: Ribon Magazine Campaign 60th Anniversary.


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New, in its original box. Made in Japan 1994, by Bandai. Musical jewelry pendant, kawaii style. It plays regularly. Melody: MOMENT. Brand: Bandai. Material: Metal alloy • Plastic. Music Box size: Pendant diameter is about 4cm (Small). Box size: Width of about 6.5cm × Height of about 13 cm × Depth of about 2.5 cm Color: Gold & Blue. Style: Charm musical pendant. Theme / Characters: MOMENT / Marmalade Boy.Tags: #MarmaladeBoy #WataruYoshizumi #Bandai #MOMENT #Jewelry #MusicBox #Pendant #Anime #Japan #ToeiAnimation #Ribon


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New, because unused itemts. No Box. Excellent conditions. Full pretty set (eraser, pencils, stamps) for school or other occasions. Made in Japan 1993.WARNING: There may be traces of dirt.The timing of packaging may vary times that may anticipate or extend further. The item is sent by International Registered Mail, via Japan Post.Package secured and regularly traceable.Sending to Worldwide.


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New, in its original box. The box was opened to check the status of the stick. Electrostatic construction. Bandai brand new, made in Japan and released in occasion of the 30th Anniversary of Angel Creamy Mami. One of the items collection more rare. Tags: # #CreamyMami ##Bandai #Proplica #Wand #Kodansha #KazunoriIt #PierrotCO #Anime #Manga #Japan #80s



Used, without box. They have been used for the game, but well preserved over the years. Para Para has a different dress from the original.Sweet and pretty dolls that represent two girls of the Amazon Quartet, future Sailor Guardians of Sailor Chbiusa's team.


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Used, in its box. A original vintage article by Takara, made in japan in 1996.Good conditions. May be present traces of dirt and wear scratches. It emits the melody Mocking Bird Hill.



Item conditions & features: New, in processing. Unique and original shoe inspired to the Princess Serenity. Exceptional high heels for young girls and women. Graceful, embellished with a elegant bow and small synthetic diamonds. As each artisan product, there may be some small flaws.Chinese fan made. Project created by one of the most talented Chinese artisans in the international market. • WARNING: This article will be release in end of October 2016 (except delays). The state of the goods is in pre order. Therefore, each of you please kindly follow the release time so far indicated. Surface material: PU. Interior material: PU. Punta shoe: Round. Heel height: about 5-8 cm. Color: White (for now). Shoe Style: Decolleté. Theme / Character: Sailor Moon / Princess Serenity. Available sizes: 35-40 (to be considered that these size are Chinese, to fit to the typical Asian feet).


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Item Conditions: New, set of 3 mini action figures handmade. Made in China 2016. Weight: 0,3 gr. Size: 3-5 cm about.


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Item conditions: New, in its box. Marilyin Monroe as Lorelei Lee Figure. Item in state of Pre Order. Please kindly follow patiently to release time. Release date: February 2017.Item features: Marilyn Monroe is an iconic movie star. With the passing of years, the name "Marilyn Monroe" has become a symbol, keeping intact its unique and inimitable icon of sex appeal. The Star Ace Toys design team to remember the beautiful face and perfect proportions of the body of Marilyn, has produced two different models with two different outfits: a version with pink dress and the other with golden dress, which is also the iconic film costumes that made it a timeless star "Gentlemen prefer Blondes". The body without joints was developed specifically tailored to make the doll more sexy and realistic. © 2016 The Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. © Star Ace Toys Limited. © All Rights Reserved. Product Details • License: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 1953.• Official Partner: 20th Century Fox.• Manufacturer: Ace Toys Limited.• 1/6th scale stemless body, approximately 29 cm tall with 30 points of articulation.• Fully realized authentic likeness of Marilyn Monroe as Lorelei Lee in the movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" with accurate facial expression, rooted hair and detailed skin texture.• Each head sculpt is specially hand-painted. Parts Three (3) interchangeable hands including:• (1) one pair of open palms.• (1) one right hand for holding eyebrow pencil. Costume • Pink lamé gown.• Panties.• One pair of pink gloves.• One white stole.• One pair of high heels. Accessories • One pair of silver earrings.• One pair of silver bracelets.• One silver parure.• One back fan.• Figure Stand. CONDITIONS OF SALE • Methods of payment: Please kindly pay within a few hours. Maximum time is 3 days.• Sale only online, with shipping from Tokyo. It is NO possbile direct withdrawal from Italy or hand delivery. It is shipped directly from Tokyo city (Japan), through Japan Post to Worldwide at same price. • In some cases, are expected Customs duties for goods from Japan.• The time of packing can take from 5 to 10 working days approx The timing of delivery vary, but usually takes from 10 to max 30 working days. ATTENTION • Because of the numerous articles marketed, it may happen that the material purchased is not available or simply being reassortment. It is advisable therefore 'before make purchase, request prior to the actual availability of the product. Therefore, it is advisable to contact the staff at this address e-mail: lisa.vitali@alice.it


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